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Score Files

Supported Files

Currently, we support files from the two most popular music notation programs, Sibelius and Finale. Given a choice, Sibelius files are preferred. Files from Sibelius version 2 and above are supported. Files from Finale 2003 and above are supported.

We also have limited support for MusicXML files if your notation program is able to export your score in this format.

Before you submit your file, please review our score file style guide. By following those guidelines, you greatly help us to produce the best possible performance as quickly as possible.

If you are unable to copy your score to one of these electronic formats, we can provide copying services as part of your project with us. Please note that this will add at least several days to your piece’s turnaround time and will cost more.

Style Guide

Regardless of the score file format, you should consider several important formatting and styling issues before sending us your piece.

  1. The Golden Rule: More detail is better. A highly detailed score leads to a better performance. If a marking in your score might be unusual or ambiguous to a live musician, explain it in your score as best you can.

    Please don’t hesitate to explain or emphasize aspects of your score for the best results. For example, the horn is commonly played without vibrato, so tell us explicitly if you want vibrato. If you’d like a string line to sound especially harsh, let us know.
  2. Please ensure that all dynamic markings are assigned to the correct voice within each staff and that they are aligned exactly with their corresponding note(s). This may cause markings to overlap visually, but a little loss of legibility is acceptable.
  3. Include objective tempo measurements like beats per minute alongside subjective tempo text like allegro or adagio. Again, please ensure that all metronome marks are aligned exactly with their corresponding note(s).
  4. Keep in mind that we currently do not support choirs or vocal soloists. See a list of available instruments. If you have specific questions, please contact us. We’ll do our best to accommodate reasonable special requests.

A clean, legible and precise score greatly helps us produce the best sounding performance of your piece.