A World Class Orchestra, At Your Service

The Queue

Currently, we can only perform and record a few projects at a time. We keep track of pending projects in a queue that is managed by the Ravel Virtual Studios Clients website. After you create a project, you’ll need to add it to the queue to receive an exact price estimate.

To be fair to all clients, we process projects on a first-come–first-served basis. Naturally, some waiting is necessary if we have multiple projects to work on.

Depending on the number of queued projects, you may need to wait until your project reaches the top. As a rule of thumb, please allow an average wait of a business week per project. For example, if your project is fifth in the queue, we should be able to start work in five weeks.

Completion Time

Though we work as quickly as possible, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your project will be completed by a fixed deadline. If you need your project completed for a deadline, please submit it to us as soon as possible.

Producing the highest quality performance of your piece can be a complicated and time-consuming process, even with our expertise and tools. Usually, projects can be completed in a few business days. We greatly appreciate your patience.

Rush Service

We do provide “rush” service at an additional cost. If you opt for rush service, your project will be moved ahead of non-rush projects in the queue. However, even if your project is rushed, you may still need to wait if there are other projects at the top of the queue that we’re finishing.

Rushing a project means that its position in the queue is secure after it has moved ahead of non-rush projects—your project cannot be pre-empted by any other projects.

We also cannot process your project any faster than normal, because creating high quality orchestral performances simply takes time. Rushing your project simply means that it may not need to wait as long on the queue.