A World Class Orchestra, At Your Service

Enter The Concert Hall

Fine orchestras don’t just perform on street corners, and neither do we. Using a technology called convolution reverb, we can simulate actual recording spaces such as concert halls or recording studios. Your piece will sound as if it were performed in world famous venues such as the Wiener Konzerthaus, Sydney Opera House, or many others.

We do our best to honor specific requests for the size or characteristics of the space where you would like your piece performed. For example, you might prefer a more intimate space for a chamber piece. If you have no specific requests, we’ll use our judgement to choose the space that best fits your piece.

A typical orchestral stage layout

Ravel Virtual Studios Clients site stage position editorWe also place instruments in realistic positions on a virtual stage. When you create a project with our client website, you can use our stage position editor to create a diagram of your desired instrument positions. If you have no preference, we can choose the best positions for you.