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Spotlight! The Senses

Sep 9, 2013 • With The Senses, composer Daniel Elder embraced the challenge of conveying the experience of all five senses—sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound—using the music of a full orchestral ensemble..

Music Competition Tools and Score Submission Recording Services from Ravel Virtual Studios

Composition competitions are a great way to promote yourself and your music, and the quality of the media you submit is paramount. Rather than relying on unrealistic notation program playbacks or default MIDI performances, make your competition submission even more appealing to judges with a performance from Ravel Virtual Studios.

As a tool for music composition competitions, the copyist, performance and recording services we offer can help you gain a genuine edge when submitting your score. Our services are designed to benefit you in multiple stages of the submission process.

When you’re finished composing and you need a performance, simply send us your score (Sibelius or Finale format) and we will take care of the rest. If you don’t own a notation program, we also provide a music copyist service and we will glad copy your handwritten score to a format of your choice. The copying process is prompt and provides you with a level of professionalism that competition panels expect.

Once your handwritten score has been converted, your piece will be performed using our state-of-the-art collection of sample libraries and virtual instruments. You will then receive a stunning realization of your composition, ready for competition submission. Performance realizations can range from works for a single instrument to pieces for a full orchestra.

We understand the importance of meeting submission deadlines. Our composition competition tools are both affordable and prompt.

There is no reason to struggle with inferior MIDI playbacks or synthesized performances of your score, spend unnecessarily on hiring a live ensemble, or run the risk of having your competition submission disregarded due to poor quality rendering. By utilizing Ravel Virtual Studios’ composer competition recording service, your piece will be performed as it would be by world-class musicians. Ravel Virtual Studios makes it possible for everyone to have access to great performers for music compositions, no matter what your budget. The true-to-life sound helps you outshine your competitors.