A World Class Orchestra, At Your Service

Mission Statement

Ravel Virtual Studios was founded in 2006 to help composers who don’t have access to live musicians. It should go without saying that composers with access to live musicians should take advantage of that rewarding and irreplaceable experience—we don’t want composers to avoid live musicians by using Ravel Virtual Studios.

We hope that our service can actually create more opportunities for orchestral musicians. Many composers avoid writing orchestral music because they know how hard it is to have such pieces performed. Realistically, hiring an orchestra is often too expensive, and getting ensembles interested in commissioning or performing new music can be difficult. Conductors rarely have time to read through new scores and they’re not fond of assessing pieces by listening to lifeless MIDI files. As a result, fewer composers are writing large scale pieces, so fewer large pieces are commissioned and performed, leading to a vicious cycle!

So, how does Ravel Virtual Studios solve this problem?

Composers who approach performers and conductors with great sounding recordings from Ravel Virtual Studios have a professional and persuasive way of promoting their music. A lot of great new music is waiting to be composed and performed. Ravel Virtual Studios is dedicated to inspiring composers to write music for ensembles of any size, without fear that the work will sit unperformed.

We’re also dedicated to helping performers discover new music that deserves to be heard. Our performances help composers give ensembles and conductors something to get excited about, hopefully leading to live performances and future commissions.

We know that our services will benefit everyone in the music community!